ID Sl No Teacher Class Stream Subject Title Discussion Date Discussion Time Action
11Taiz uddin AhmedTDC 1ST YEARARTSGeographyTips on Exam (How to prepare for the online Exam. to be held) 2021-05-204:00 pm
22Taiz uddin AhmedTDC 1ST YEARARTSGeographyPhysiographic Divisions of India and their characteristics2021-05-2012:00 pm
43Taiz uddin AhmedTDC 1ST YEARARTSGeographyonline examination2021-05-204:00 pm
54Taiz uddin AhmedHS 2ND YEARARTSGeographyভাৰতবৰ্ষৰ জনসংখ্যা বৃদ্বিৰ ধাৰা2021-06-019:00 am